Costs for Venetian Plaster Kitchen Painting

Answered by Brett ~ July 15, 2010 ~ Comments

Since I saw a Texas showroom house with Venetian Plaster, I've wanted it in my kitchen. Painting is not my hubby's forte, though, and I never worked with plaster. Do you just put it on with a trowel and sandpaper it after it dries? Is there a way to use it on a test surface to see if I'm up to it?

Barb K. ~ San Antonio, Texas

Brett Kulina

Barb, when applying Venetian plaster to a kitchen wall, you can use some tricks and techniques which are similar to those used in faux painting and other decorative wall covering applications. Even though all that is required to attempt these creative interiors are the materials and an adventurous spirit, mastering the techniques and achieving great results will only come with lots of experience. Professional painters get paid big bucks to produce these high quality plaster creations, and rightly so, as it can be difficult to achieve the perfect finish.

If you are interested in learning to apply Venetian plaster yourself, then it is a great idea to watch a how-to video which shows you some of the basic techniques and then it's all practice, practice, practice. I recommend that you try your skills on some test panels first, this way you can get comfortable with the materials and required tools. Once you feel up to it, plaster a small wall in your home, and if you like your work then tackle the walls in your kitchen! Good luck.

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