Costing Kitchen Counter Bullnoses in Nashville

Answered by Jeffrey ~ May 26, 2010 ~ Comments

I've chosen granite tile for our new kitchen. I've read that granite bullnoses hold up better under long wear than, say, wood trim. I don't like the look of wood trim around granite counters anyway. How much can I expect to pay for having bullnoses custom-built by the installers? I've heard up to $20 an edge.

Ted W. ~ Nashville, Tennessee

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Ted, a good granite installer is like an old world craftsman, in fact most of the granite installers I have used in the past have actually been from Europe. It is pretty amazing to watch them work, they are usually very skilled. That being said, I don't think you should be paying $20 per edge for granite bullnoses. I would think that $5-$10 per edge might be more in line for doing the work on your job site.

I don't know what type of granite countertop you are planning on installing, but I do know that some types of granite are a little more difficult to work with than others, and the granite company may put some padding in their costs for waste and mistakes. The more expensive the granite is, the more the padding amount might be.

One avenue you might investigate to keep your costs down is to see if you can find any granite tiles with granite bullnoses already available. Some granite tiles are more popular with homeowners than others, and some large tile companies and home improvement stores already have bullnose tiles for their popular granite tile selections. There should be quite a few of these types of retail establishments around an area as large as Nashville, Tennessee. The granite bullnoses are still going to be considerably more expensive than the regular tiles, as they still needed to be polished to a finished edge, but they may cost less than having them custom cut and polished on the jobsite.

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