What is the Cost of a Torch Down Roof Replacement?

Answered by Brett ~ June 26, 2011 ~ Comments

I am contractor currently bidding on a roofing project. I haven't done a roof in 15 years and need to know what to charge. The bid is for a 20 square foot torch down roof over an old hot tar roof. It is a simple 2 ply torch go over the existing structure, however there will be some simple cut work involved.

Keith H. ~ Willow Grove, PA

Brett Kulina

Kieth, because the size of the roof is so small, your best bet may be to charge "time and materials" for this project. After you price out the needed roofing materials, then estimate how long it will take you to install the new roof and charge your current labor rate. If you have a good working relationship with your customers, then they should have no problem paying you a simple T & M rate for this type of work.

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