Cost to Repair Walkway and Repair Porch Bricks

Answered by Jeffrey ~ July 2, 2010 ~ Comments

What's the approximate cost to repair a walkway and repair porch bricks. The sidewalk is uneven due to the house settling. The front porch walkway is uneven and water is leaking at times into the basement.

Veronica L. ~ Alexandria, Virginia

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Veronica, This is one of those questions that in order to get even an aproximate cost may require a site visit by a contractor. My first concern would be the house settlement. Is the settlement recent or is it something that happened many years ago and there is no evidence of recent settlement?

I know that Alexandria, Virginia has a lot of very old houses, so I hope your settlement happened a long time ago and the foundation reached a point where it is no longer moving. There isn't much sense in repairing your leadwalk and front porch brick if you are just going to have to repair it again in a year or so. If the settlement is recent, I would have an engineer come in and take a look at the situation before doing any repair work on the walkway.

The repair on the walkway is going to involve removing the old leadwalk, regrading the area to a proper slope away from your house, forming up for a new walk, and pouring the concrete. Stone should be compacted in the leadwalk area prior to pouring the new concrete. If some of the existing walkway is okay and doesn't need to be removed, then rebar should be installed in the side of the old concrete to tie it into the new concrete.

The price for removing the old concrete and pouring new concrete is going to vary based on the work conditions of the project and the area of the country. If your leadwalk is in an area where a truck can back right up to pick up the old concrete and a concrete truck can easily pour the new concrete, then the cost should be around $5-$6 per square foot. If workers are going to have to wheelbarrow the old concrete out and the new concrete in, then the price might be double that. Also keep in mind that concrete companies and contractors usually have minimum charges, so even though you may only have one or two sections of walkway your costs could still be several hundred dollars.

The brick repair is going to work much the same way. A mason is going to charge a minimum amount to come out to the jobsite so even if they are only repairing several bricks the cost could be the same as if they were resetting 50 bricks. The ideal situation would be if you were able to find a contractor capable of doing both the concrete and the brick work.

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