How Much Will It Cost to Finish a Basement in Georgia?

Answered by Brett ~ September 2, 2011 ~ Comments

What are some average costs I can expect to finish a 1,350 square foot basement in North Georgia?

Regina K. ~ Athens, GA

Brett Kulina

Regina, although I am always hesitant to quote generic construction costs that are based solely on square footage, I do know of some residential remodeling that has just been completed in my area for about $75 per foot. Certainly that cost seems low to me when compared to the $100-$200 per square foot that many homeowners were paying just a few years ago, but times have changed. When estimating the cost of remodeling your basement, you can probably expect to pay less because you are remodeling just the interior of an existing structure.

When planning your basement remodel, some of your basic needs are going to be flooring, wall & ceiling coverings, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing (especially if you want to add a bathroom to your basement). If you want bedrooms in your basement, then you could also have the added expense of installing window wells around the outside of the bedroom windows. Remember, a home's basement windows and window wells need to be designed and built to meet important egress and fire codes, so check what's required in your local area before beginning your project. Other possible costs for you to consider are waterproofing your basement walls and installing some sort of air handler, both of which may be needed to create a mold-free basement with clean air and proper ventilation..

The best way for you to get an accurate cost estimate for your basement remodel would be to start selecting some of the needed finishes and deciding on the details. Keep in mind that many homeowners choose to remodel their basements simply as a way to improve their enjoyment of their home, and not solely as a way to increase the value of their property. It can be difficult to recoup all of your basement remodeling costs if you sell your home in the near future, but if you plan on staying in your home for a while then the added benefits of a new workout room or basement tavern can be well worth the costs. My point is, don't go overboard with expensive finishes, but rather choose basic materials like sheet rock, can lights, and carpeting, and then set aside some money for a few basement toys!

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