Cost of Replacing Kitchen Cabinets With Deep Drawers

Answered by Brett ~ April 29, 2010 ~ Comments

I was eager to start replacing kitchen cabinets in our Portland, Maine house. I was hoping to replace some of the cabinets with spacious, deep drawers. The contractor said that this would increase my cost a great deal. Can you explain why?

Margie H. ~

Brett Kulina

Margie, your contractor is correct, kitchen cabinets which have drawers oftentimes cost twice as much as cabinets that just have doors. The reason for this is that kitchen cabinets which are constructed with 1 shallow drawer and two deep drawers instead of 1 shallow drawer on top of a cabinet door, require more materials(the drawer boxes) and more hardware(the drawer slides). Therefore the costs are higher for the cabinet builder, and ultimately for the consumer.

That being said, I really like the convenience of deep drawers with fully extending drawer slides, because you don't have to get on your knees to see what's in the cabinet, nor do items get forgotten in the hard-to-reach areas of the cabinet. A standard 36" high base kitchen cabinet can accommodate two very deep drawers, or two well-sized drawers with a shallow top drawer, which is what is more often done. If you need to keep the costs down, you may consider using a mix of cabinet styles. The more expensive(and more convenient) drawer-style cabinets could be located on either side of the stove and near other key work areas that are accessed routinely, while the less expensive door-style cabinets could be used in other parts of the kitchen to store items that are used less frequently.

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