Cost of Repairing Kitchen Laminate Counters in New Jersey

Answered by Brendan ~ July 6, 2010 ~ No Comments

I'm not willing to spend money on new laminate kitchen countertops, but there are some chips around the sink that are really annoying. I think I can take out the smaller chips with laminate polish. For the larger ones, how do you find the putty that matches older laminate counter colors? What's the cost of patching vs the cost of refinishing them?

George C. ~ Bergen, New Jersey

Brendan Fowler

Finding an exact match for your laminate countertops can be difficult. There are hundreds of different colors and patterns for laminate countertops out there, and most patching products only offer several color options. I would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly and have them send you a color chart that you can use in your home to get the closest match. A do it yourself patch is going to be your most economical option for the repair, and cost between $20 and $50 dollars, depending on the condition of the countertops. To have someone come to your home and refinish them for you will cost roughly$30 per lineal foot, plus some additional cost depending on what you have for a backsplash. Good Luck!

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