Cost of Making a Sink Base for the Kitchen

Answered by Brendan ~ June 11, 2010 ~ No Comments

I'd like to make my own sink base with cabinets for the kitchen. I'm thinking of the sink insert and two doors to the cabinets beneath it. Do you have suggestions for arranging the water lines, trap, and disposal so no hardware interferes with the cabinets? How much can I expect to spend?

Marty W. ~ Cleveland, Ohio

Brendan Fowler

Always check with your local building department to see what is required for the plumbing and electrical under your kitchen sink. It may be required that you provide a cleanout for the drain under the sink if you don't already have one and you may be required to provide a dedicated 20 amp. circuit for the disposal. These are things that will be much easier to do before any cabinets are installed. Stub the waste connection out of the wall behind the sink approximately 14 inches from the floor and the water supply lines about 3 inches above the waste stub out. I would also offset the waste stub out a couple inches to the right or left of the kitchen sink drain to make hooking up the trap a little easier. I do not have a very good sense for what you are trying to build as far as a sink base goes, but I would guess you should budget at least $100 - $200 to build a nice sink base. I hope this helps!

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