Cost involved in changing a window to a sliding door.

Answered by Jeffrey ~ May 27, 2010 ~ Comments

What is the estimated cost to change a bedroom window to a sliding glass door on an exterior wall which will lead to the backyard?

Steve K. ~ Leander, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Steve, I'm assuming you plan on hiring someone to do this, so I will make labor a part of the costs. I am also assuming that you have some sort of wood or vinyl siding on the rear of your home, because if it is brick, stone, or stucco it could increase the costs quite a bit. One last assumption is that you have already determined there are no major mechanical issues which might have to be addressed during your remodeling. What I am referring to here is duct work in the wall which might have to be moved, or plumbing lines crossing through the area which need to be rerouted, or anything else along these lines.

My estimate includes removing your bedroom window, changing the framing to accommodate a new mid-range aluminum 6' sliding glass door, insulating around it, and repairing the interior drywall and exterior siding. It also includes trimming around the interior of the door opening, and painting the trim and repaired drywall. It does not include any flooring work, as a careful contractor should not disturb the flooring. It does not include any exterior landscaping work such as stepping stones or moving shrubs. I have figured moving some wiring as there is an excellent chance that there will be wiring in the portion of the wall being removed for the door opening.

I am figuring a range of $2,500-$3,000 for the work. It could be less if you get a good deal on a door, or decide to go with a less expensive unit. It could also be a little less depending on labor rates around Leander, Texas, but I wouldn't expect much as labor isn't a very large part of the cost.

By the same token the price could go up if you use a more expensive door, or if you have a more expensive exterior siding or interior wall finish. If you have to move plumbing or duct work the price could jump up depending on how far you have to move the utilities.

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