What is the Cost of Installing a Fire Window Escape?

Answered by Brendan ~ June 27, 2011 ~ No Comments

I live in Delaware and plan on finishing my basement. However, according to the law, you must have an escape window. How much would a window replacement like this cost?

Sam A. ~ Wilmington, DE

Brendan Fowler

You do not need an escape-specific window; all you need is a window that meets certain size and location criteria. Check with your local building department to see what they specifically require, but generally a minimum width of 20 inches, minimum height of 24 inches and a sill height no higher than 44 inches from finished floor, and a minimum clear opening of 5.7 square feet will work as an escape window. A window that is 20" wide X 24" high will not be big enough because it is only 3.3 square feet of clear opening and you need 5.7 square feet. With all that said, the cost to replace your existing window is going to depend on many different factors. What is the size and the location of the existing window? What kind of interior and exterior finishes are going to be disrupted? Is there a light well that will need to be modified? Without a firsthand look at the window you want to replace it is impossible to give you an accurate price for the job. I would suggest contacting a couple of local contractors and getting bids for the work you want done. This will at least give you a realistic idea about what you will expect to pay for the work. Good Luck!

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