What is the Average Cost of Installing Board and Batten Vertical Siding?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ June 28, 2011 ~ Comments

What is the average cost of installing board and batten vertical siding? Should the cost for this type of product installation be similar to that of installing a standard horizontal siding job?

Alexander G. ~ York, PA

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Alexander.

I think this is one of those questions where the answer might be "six of one or half dozen of the other." Board and batten vertical siding and regular clapboard wood siding are not that far apart in labor or material costs.

Common board widths for board and batten siding can range from 8 to 20 inches and the most common batten size is probably around 2 inches. However, one of the great things about board and batten vertical siding is that you can create your own unique look by narrowing or widening your batten strips or your boards.

Kiln dried pine boards for board and batten siding run about $2.25 per square foot and 2-inch kiln-dried batten strips are about $.34 a linear foot. If your exterior walls are about 9-feet high and you use 12-inch-wide boards, the board and batten material costs for your home would be about $5,200. Using 4- or 5-inch reveal pine-clapboard siding at about $2.90 per square foot, your material costs would be about $5,800.

Labor costs for installing either siding should range from $1.20 to $1.50 a square foot. These material and labor costs are all approximate and can vary depending on your job site conditions, the type of wood you choose, and your local labor conditions. I suggest you contact a local contractor from York to get a more accurate price for siding your home. I also believe that choosing a wide board for your vertical siding should be a good look for your house.

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