What's the cost for moving a septic tank?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ March 6, 2013 ~ No Comments

How much would it cost to have a septic tank moved?

Jeffrey Anderson

This is one of those projects where the best method for getting an accurate price is to have a few contractors visit your home. In most situations, the job itself isn't too complicated. A new hole for the tank needs to be dug; the existing tank uncovered, lifted and moved; and then the old hole filled in. The drain fields may need to be adjusted or possibly completely relocated depending on how far the tank is being moved. The tank typically needs to be emptied before it can be moved.

The biggest issue that affects the cost might be the working conditions in your yard. If the contractor has easy access and there aren't a lot of obstacles to work around, the job could probably be completed in a day. However, if there are numerous trees and utility lines that the contractor must navigate when using their equipment, the project could take a little longer.

My suggestion would be to call a few local septic or excavation contractors for an estimate. An experienced professional should be able to take a look at your site and provide an accurate price for the project. I would choose a contractor that has worked with septic tanks in the past rather than one who has just done municipal sewer connections. The hole where the tank was removed should be filled in gradually with compaction done every several feet. If this isn't done, a large portion of the hole may reappear after the first major rain.

Regardless of who you hire for the job, ensure that the local utility companies are called to mark their buried lines. The contractor should know to make the call, but it never hurts to double-check as hitting a gas line could cause significant damage to your home. In some localities, hefty fines can be levied if digging is done without notifying the utility companies.

I also recommend contacting your local health department prior to starting the project. They may want to have some input on where the septic tank will be relocated.

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