Cost Estimate to Repair Familiy Room Ceiling Drywall

Answered by Brendan ~ January 9, 2011 ~ No Comments

The drywall is 12x12 feet. Water damaged ceiling. It will required removal and replacement and painting.

Carolyn L. ~ Richton Park, Illinois

Brendan Fowler

I would estimate that the cost of replacing the Sheetrock and painting a ceiling in a square, eight foot tall, 12-by-12 room would run roughly between $1,200 - $1,800. This is a figure based on what I would expect to see in California; however, it might be a bit different in Illinois. I would suggest getting bids for the ceiling replacement from local contractors. Most contractors will provide bids for free, and this will allow you to decide on a price that works for you. Good Luck!

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