Connecticut Kitchen Cabinet Door Upgrades

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I'm looking for ballpark figures on the cost for unfinished kitchen cabinet doors. Some manufacturers offer upgrades in wood on cabinet panels, door fronts, and cabinet doors. I'd like a sturdier door than the basic, as we have a busy kitchen.

Laurie G. ~ Bridgeport, Connecticut

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Laurie, To get the costs you are looking for someone is going to have to do a lot of busy work, and if you want to keep your costs down, that someone may be you. In order for a cabinet company to give you somewhat accurate cost figures they are going to need the sizes of all of your base and wall cabinets.

If your cabinets came from a manufacturer, and you know who that manufacturer was, you may be able to contact them and get a rep sent out to take a look at your cabinets. I don't know that a cabinet manufacturer is going to be able to provide you with what you are looking for though. Cabinet manufacturers offer different styles of kitchen cabinet doors and different finishes, but I don't know that they offer a more heavy duty door unless I'm not understanding exactly what you are looking for. I think you are also going to have a difficult time getting unfinished cabinet doors from the large cabinet manufacturers.

I know that Connecticut has some very upscale areas as I have built homes for some Connecticut residents who moved to my area. I would think that Bridgeport probably has some very nice custom cabinet and millwork shops due to the custom mill work that often goes into custom homes. You might have better luck contacting some of those types of shops to get some costs for the doors and panels you are looking for. If you take that route you are going to need a list of your cabinet sizes.

It should be easy to measure your cabinets, all of your base cabinets should be the same height and the same should be true for your wall cabinets unless you have a cabinet over your refrigerator or one for an above counter microwave. Measure each cabinet front from one vertical edge to the other, and also measure the height and width of the doors for that cabinet. The only places you should have cabinet panels are at the exposed ends of wall and base cabinets and on the backs of any wall or base cabinets that are exposed to living areas. Measure the cabinet panels also.

Once you have your measurements, you should be able to visit some mill work and cabinet shops to take a look at the various types of wood they have available and to get some pricing.

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