Connect new concrete slab to existing slab

Answered by Brett ~ May 23, 2011 ~ No Comments

How will my contractor connect the new concrete slabs on the right side to the existing two slabs on the left side?

Jorge ~ Reston, VA

Brett Kulina

Jorge, you have a few options when connecting an existing slab of concrete to a newly poured one. One of the simplest solutions is to install a slip joint between the two slabs and then cover the joint with some epoxy. This fix would allow the two slabs to move independently, but still keep water from getting underneath the concrete by way of the seam. A second option could be to connect the two slabs with rebar. To do this, you would need to drill a few holes into the edge of the existing slab, into which you would insert the ends of the rebar from the new slab. Although this would prevent the slabs from moving independently from one another, you would still need a control joint between the two.

If the gravel under your driveway's concrete was compacted properly, then the slabs probably won't heave that much, and you can probably avoid connecting the slabs with rebar. Of course the other option is to ask the contractor to replace the top half of your driveway with a single-pour slab, which is what you wanted in the first place. Good luck with it!

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