Color Laminate Flooring Design

Answered by Brendan ~ April 21, 2010 ~ No Comments

I am building a game room in our home. I saw a photo of laminate flooring of various colors mixed together that looked really good. Not too dark but not too light either. What colors of laminate can be mixed together to make a unique but impressive flooring job? Just want to hear your design opinion on this.

Samual ~ Jackson, Mississippi

Brendan Fowler

My design opinion on this would be to make sure that you execute a truly random pattern. The more you try to achieve random you will actually start moving back into a pattern. I know that sounds weird but random is an art. As far choosing the colors to go together, it not a bad idea to base the colors on some of the other colors that are going to be used in the space.

Don't be scared of contrast, contrast can be a powerful design statement. I am not a design specialist but those are my two cents. My concern here being a builder, is being sure that the different color flooring will all go together clean and tight. Even the smallest differences in dimension between one piece and another will cause a laminate floor to look bad. Be sure to check with the flooring manufacturer and confirm that different color floorings are compatible if used randomly in the same floor. Good Luck!

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