Choosing the Right Type of Pool Lighting Additions

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 15, 2010 ~ No Comments

I'm upgrading an in-ground pool here in Las Vegas with some new lights and considering my addition options. What are the pros and cons of fiber-optic and incandescent lighting?

Mary,General Remodeling ~ Las Vegas ,Nevada

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Mary, In my opinion, fiber-optics are a big improvement in pool lighting. Fiber-optics offer the opportunity to create moods in your pool area with the the various colors available. The biggest advantage fiber-optic pool lighting offers though, is that the electricity is not near the water. Incandescent pool lighting has been used for many years, and it is very rare to hear of an accident concerning pool lighting, but the fact remains that there is an electric source below the water level in your pool.

The fact that the electric source is not close to the water with fiber-optics can also be a disadvantage, as you will only get a percentage of the light available from your source. The percentage is dictated by the size of the fiber-optic cable and the distance the light is traveling. So if you like your pool to be very bright, then incandescent pool lighting may be the way to go.

My suggestion would be to get with a pool contractor in your area. I would think that with Las Vegas, Nevada's reputation for hot summers, there would be quite a few good pool contractors in the city. Ask for a night tour of some of their recent installations using both methods of lighting. That may help with your decision.

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