Choosing the Right Storm Windows

Answered by Brendan ~ March 3, 2010 ~ Comments

I'm remodeling a home and installing new storm windows. What features should I consider? I live in Orlando, which is known for heat, humidity, and the occasional windy storm.

Marcus D. ~ Orlando, Florida

Brendan Fowler

You have many choices when it comes to storm windows. The first thing you should decide is if you want interior or exterior storm windows. Interior storm windows will help with keeping a home warmer in cold months but will have to be removed to regain access for operation of the windows in the warm months. In a Florida climate these may not be the best choice. Exterior storm windows come in a variety of styles. You will probably be choosing from wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Wood will weather and need periodic maintenance, but will add a bit more insulation value to the window. Both aluminum and vinyl will offer very little insulation but will be weatherproof and maintenance free. All styles will cut down on air infiltration if you purchase a good quality storm window. The other factors you will want to take into consideration are appearance, cost, and operating features.

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