Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Catches

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Am I right in assuming that the total number of cabinet catches I need to complete our kitchen remodeling project isn't significant enough to significantly alter the price? I was planning single rollers for the drawers and either double rollers or magnetic catches for the kitchen cabinet doors. I know there are higher quality magnetic catches out today. Are they considerably more expensive?

Clark F. ~ Atlanta, Georgia

Brett Kulina

While a higher quality magnetic catch can cost four times as much a standard single roller catch, we are really only talking about a few extra dollars per latch, and possibly only a hundred dollars or so for all the kitchen cabinets.

Remember cabinet catches are open and closed several times a day and need to remain operational for decades. I also like the feel of quality cabinet hardware, so I would spend the extra money and buy a quality cabinet door catch that you like. Good luck with your kitchen remodeling project!

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