Is there a small cement surface grinder available to grind down a cement floor?

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Before installing a new front entry door, I poured the cement floor area that the entire door assembly sets on. I forgot to slope the cement floor surface down in front of the metal threshold for rain runoff. I could grind it down with a cement surface grinder or remove the cement and pour it again. Is there a small cement surface grinder available to grind down a cement floor in front of the entry door threshold for rain runoff? What do you recommend?

Roger ~ Miami, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Roger, There are hand held angle grinders that you can use to grind concrete, but it is a labor intensive process, and creates an unbelievable amount of dust. The problem with grinding your threshold is that you are removing the finished surface, so you are going to need to use a concrete patch to put a smooth surface back on after you are done grinding. I am sure you are not going to want an area that looks patched at your front door, so you may want to use a concrete stain on all of the concrete exposed at the front door area. Usually it will be a little darker gray then the original concrete.

The problem with doing this at your front door area is that in my experience, patched concrete at a heavy traffic area has a tendency to start cracking and chipping over time. Before you go to all of the trouble with grinding, patching, and staining, you might just want to try setting your door in a door pan with plenty of water resistant adhesive under it, and see if you have any water problems. I know Miami, Florida can receive a lot of wind driven rain, but I think I might try that before trying to redo the concrete, and perhaps having it turn out looking really bad at one of the focal points of your home. You can always redo the concrete later, taking the door out is just a matter of popping off the trim and removing a few nails.

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