Can the building inspector require me to replace the wiring?

Answered by Brendan ~ March 6, 2011 ~ No Comments

I recently had a new boiler installed in the basement of a rental property which required the city building inspector to come in and inspect. Unfortunately I was not there as I live out of state but the company that installed the boiler and my tenant were with him. During his inspection he noticed that my basement wiring may not be up to code. I'm not 100% sure what is going on but he mentioned to my tenant something about an electrical inspection. I know it would be wise to replace my wiring if it is outdated and not up to code but my question is, can the building inspector require me to replace the wiring? What if I honestly can't afford it at the given time?

Karen ~ San Diego, California

Brendan Fowler

This is a very tricky question. Every building jurisdiction in the country will have a different way of doing things. It may be that in the jurisdiction that the inspection took place, if an inspector sees something totally unrelated to the immediate inspection that requires repair, they can require it, whether it was preexisting or not. The only way to effectively resolve this problem is to call the building department where the inspection took place and figure out what is really happening.

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