Can Sunroom Additions Also Serve As a Greenhouse in Pennsylvania?

Answered by Brendan ~ January 12, 2010 ~ No Comments

Will I need one or two sunroom additions for the south side of my Williamsport, PA, home in order to have both a lounge area and an area warm enough to grow veggies? I'm afraid the temperatures should be different for each use.

Sonny L. ~ Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Brendan Fowler

Sunroom AdditionsI have had clients that have had tremendous luck with growing plants in their garden windows, which is in a sense a mini sunroom/greenhouse. I do not know what optimum growing temperatures are for veggies but I am sure that a nursery could easily answer this question.

If you find that there is not a one room solution, this is what I would suggest: When presenting your addition plans to your local building department, be sure to clarify the fact that one room is an extension of your living space and that one room is intended to be used for a greenhouse.

There will probably be different requirements for both, and the greenhouse will be cheaper to permit and build. Make these same distinctions when getting plans made up for the rooms.

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