Can a New Foundation Survive a Cold Winter?

Answered by Brett ~ August 31, 2011 ~ No Comments

I just had a foundation for a garage installed. I will not be able to finish the structure this summer as planned. Can I leave this new foundation over the winter?

Aaron W. ~ Ashville, NY

Brett Kulina

Aaron, if the footing of your garage foundation is below the frost depth in your local area then the unfinished structure should be okay during the winter months. Frost heaves usually only damage concrete foundations that are not situated deep enough in the ground, which allows any water under the footing to freeze, expand, and then damage the structure. I would hold off on pouring the floor slab until next Spring, which will allow the compacted rock within the foundation, as well as the back-filled material on the outside of the stem walls to settle over the next few months. Best of all, you now have several months to finalize your garage plans and construction schedule!

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