Can I texture the paneling in my living room?

Answered by Brendan ~ January 25, 2012 ~ No Comments

Can I texture over the wood paneling in my living room?

China Wilks ~ Tulia, TX

Brendan Fowler

Yes, you can texture the wood paneling in your living room, but, I would not recommend it. If you are determined to go this direction this is what I would recommend. First make sure all of the paneling is nailed thoroughly to studs at least 12 inches on center in the field and at least 8 inches oc on the seams. If your nails or screws, caused the paneling to splinter up a little bit sand it smooth and while you are at it, make sure all of the paneling is clean and lightly sanded so the sheetrock mud can stick to it. Now sheetrock tape all the joints, inside corners, and wall to ceiling inside corners. Once it is all taped you will want to do a full skim coat on the entire paneling surface to fill all of the panel lines. Now do a full top coat on the entire paneling surface to hide any tape joints and remaining paneling lines. Now you can texture over the whole thing. I have seen it done, and in some cases it looks okay, but usually it looks like someone attempted to cover wood paneling with sheetrock mud and it looks bad. By the time you do what I suggested, you would probably be better off just hanging ΒΌ inch sheetrock over the paneling and finishing it traditionally. I can understand why you wouldn't want to remove the paneling and then texture the sheetrock behind it, because it is a tough and messy job. Besides, by the time you remove the paneling the sheetrock is usually damaged beyond repair so you have to start over from scratch. Good Luck!

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