Can I get some advice on replacing my metal basement windows?

Answered by Brett ~ July 18, 2010 ~ No Comments

The windows are embedded in the poured concrete foundation. I have removed one of the widows and the opening in the foundation is 31 1/4 in. wide by 21 in. high. The height is not a problem. My problem is that all of the windows that I have seen in stores are 32 in. wide. Will I have to order special or are there 28/29 in. wide windows out there?

Bill M. ~ Wharton, New Jersey

Brett Kulina

Bill, I think your best option is to order new windows which will fit each of the openings correctly. It sounds as though all the windows are the same size, but you should measure each individual opening just to be sure. Window companies manufacture custom sized windows all the time, and this is why you don't find a great selection of different sized windows which are in stock at local home improvement stores.

I suggest that you visit a a window showroom in the Wharton area and bring a detailed list of the windows which you need, including the exact measurements of the existing openings. Some window manufacturers may recommend one type of window over another for installation in a basement wall, or at least specify how the window is to be installed so that you get a proper weather-tight fit. Good luck with your window project!

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