Can concrete steps be patched?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 5, 2010 ~ No Comments

Concrete steps need patching on edges and where the step meets the rise. Are rods necessary where forms are used on edges? Is only a paching patching compound necessary, an added mixture, and will it hold?

Stewart ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Brendan Fowler

Yes concrete can be patched. You are asking about a patch where the tread meets the riser. There are two places where the tread meets the riser, on the inside corner at the back of the tread/bottom of riser and on the outside corner or nose at the front of the tread/top of riser. Patching the nose will require setting up some forms to hold the patching material in place. It is also very important that you do not add additional material to the tread of one step and not the others. Switching from one stair height to another in a straight run of stairs can create a serious trip hazard. Patching a stair nose needs to be done properly due to the heavy traffic and shear forces that are applied to this type of patch. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for whichever product you end up using to ensure the best possible results. You also mention the use of rods on the edges. I am assuming that you are asking about rebar in the concrete. If the patch is large enough, drilling and anchoring rebar into the existing concrete is a great idea, but is does require a fairly large patch. If your rebar is to close to the finished surface it can cause serious future problems. Good luck!

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