Can a addition be added on to a manufactured home?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 10, 2010 ~ Comments

I live in a 1998 built manufactored home. We are doing some upgrades and are considering adding a small room onto the house. Is it possible?

Lakeesha ~ Midway, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Lakeesha, Yes, it is possible to add on to a manufactured home. Usually the only difference between a manufactured home and one that is built on site, is simply where they are built. Manufactured homes are sometimes brought to the site in sections, and then assembled, or they are sometimes brought out already assembled.

There will be areas of the home that are better suited for an addition than others, and those are the types of decisions you may want to get a contractor involved in. If you have a set of blueprints for the home, or can get some from the builder, that may help the contractor when he is looking at the project. However, it is still possible for the addition to be done, even without the original blueprints.

Choose a contractor who has done that type of work before, and who can provide you with references. A good contractor can save you money by suggesting locations for the addition where it may be done the most efficiently, and also ensure that it becomes an integral part of the house. A good addition blends in with a home, rather than appearing to be added on.

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