Cabinet With Drawers in My Master Bathroom

Answered by Jeffrey ~ August 11, 2010 ~ Comments

I currently have a double sink cabinet, 63 inches wide, in my master bathroom. I want to add drawers in between the sinks and have a cabinet on each side. Is this doable?

Jamie C. ~ Naples, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Jamie, Your project is very doable. I enjoy working with cabinets as there are so many possibilities now; it seems like if someone can think of a possible arrangement or configuration for kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it can be done.

There are a couple of arrangements that can achieve what you are looking for within the 63 inches you have to play with. The first arrangement is to purchase a left and right hand 30 inch vanity sink drawer base. A vanity sink drawer base is set up so that the vanity bowl will be on one side of the cabinet and there will be cabinet doors directly below the bowl. There will also be a stack of usually 3 drawers on either the right or left side of the bowl location which is signified by the right hand or left hand designation.

If you purchase both a left and a right hand vanity sink drawer base cabinet you can situate the bathroom cabinets so the the drawer stacks are both in the center of your 63 inch opening. Instead of having one stack of drawers you will have two which can be handy if two people are sharing the bathroom. You will also have to get a 3 or 4 inch filler that can be ripped to fill in the 1 1/2 inch gap at each end as the cabinets will take up 60 inches and your opening is 63 inches. Most installers keep the cabinets tight in the center and use fillers at the ends.

Another possible option for your bathroom cabinets would be to purchase two 24 inch vanity base cabinets and use them on the ends of your 63 inch opening and then use a 12 or 15 inch vanity drawer base in the center depending on how tight your 63 inch measurement is. In this arrangement you would have a single stack of drawers. You may need some fillers for this arrangement also if you go with the 12 inch drawer base.

Bathroom cabinets can be purchased in two heights; 32 inches is considered standard and 34 1/2 inches is also available if you are tall ,or don't like to lean over as much when using the sink. You may also have to adjust your plumbing a little when you change your vanity cabinet layout.

I would imagine that there are probably a few vanity top companies around Naples, Florida and I recommend having them come in and measure for your top as it is easy to measure incorrectly. I am speaking from experience here. They are going to need the overall width of the top and also the measurement to the center of each vanity bowl and the spread on the faucets you plan to use.

Don't forget to donate your old vanity to charity if you don't plan to use it in your garage or elsewhere.

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