Cabinet Installation in a Yolo, California, Home Art Studio

Answered by Brett ~ December 21, 2010 ~ Comments

I've ordered inexpensive cabinets to turn my third, drywalled garage bay into an art studio. I can assemble the cabinets. There will be 16 linear feet of standard upper and lower cabinets. Countertops will be polyurethane plywood. Where do I find installers, and what's a ball park price for countertop and cabinet installation?

Abigail ~ Yolo, California

Brett Kulina

Abigail, the cost of your project is going to depend on whether or not you need the cabinet installer to fabricate the counter tops for you. I imagine that you could hire a contractor to hang the store bought cabinets, and probably even negotiate a per hour labor rate. Not including countertop fabrication and installation, it sounds like there is a full day's work just to install the base and wall cabinets. Depending on what hourly rate you negotiate with a contractor, you might expect to pay between $250-$350 to have the cabinets installed in your garage.

If you need the plywood counter tops to be built for you, then that is going to increase the overall cost of your project. Fortunately, the style of countertop you want is pretty basic, and you can probably pay a qualified contractor an hourly rate to construct, install, and finish the countertops as well. If you don't know any contractors in the Yolo area that have worked for you in the past, the I would suggest that you visit a nearby cabinet showroom and ask them to recommend a couple of contractors who you could interview for the job. Good luck with the project, and I hope you enjoy your new art studio!

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