Cabinet Installation in a Kokomo, Indiana, Home Workshop

Answered by Brett ~ October 3, 2010 ~ No Comments

I'd like to add eight feet of overhead cupboards above the very heavy 10' long workshop bench in my concrete-walled basement. Is there some way that's both easy and safe for me (and my neighbor) to install the cabinets without moving the bench?

Kev ~ Kokomo, Indiana

Brett Kulina

Well Kev, while there is a suitable way to attach the cabinets to your basement wall without moving your work bench, it would not be my preferred method. In my opinion, the best way to accomplish this task is to frame a wall out of 2x4's, which is then attached to the basement wall and sits on a pressure treated sill plate that is securely anchored to the basement floor. Cover the wall framing with plywood, and then attach the cabinets to the newly built wall with cabinet hanging screws. This way the weight of the cabinets (and their contents) is transferred from the wall to the concrete of the basement floor.

Now, if you are really opposed to moving the bench and constructing the supporting wall, then you have another option. You can attach three rows of horizontal nailers to the basement wall, on which you can hang the cabinets. I would use pressure treated 2x4's for the nailers and attach them to the wall with construction glue and lots of concrete anchors. Once the nailers are secured to the wall, then you can attach the cabinets without worry.

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