Big Problem Venting Hot Attic

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I live in Michigan in a ranch house. My house is shaped like a "T". On the right side, I have a garage with a firewall with no access to the attic. The garage is about 20' in width. On the left side of the "T", I have a family room with a cathedral ceiling with no access to the attic also. It is also about 20' feet wide. I am trying to bring in fresh air to these areas, but there are no soffits in that area. Our kitchen and dining room, which are underneath that area, are noticeably hotter than the rest of the house. I would like to know, what is the best way to bring in fresh air into those areas and have it vent out through the ridge vent. I am very frustrated, please reply.

Jalal ~ Detroit, Michigan

Brett Kulina

Jalal, one of the main reasons that builders install soffit and ridge vents in a home is to keep a continuous airflow over the ceiling(or attic) insulation, which in turn can ensure that moisture and hot air don't collect on the underside of the roof sheathing. If your home doesn't have any soffits to vent, then perhaps you can install a dormer vent or a louvered gable vent. If installed low enough in the attic, both of these types of vents could bring in fresh air to the attic space, which would then need to exhaust through a ridge vent in the roof.

You may have to contact an HVAC contractor who works in the Detroit area and have them inspect your home for proper attic ventilation. You would want them to inspect the roof structure and find suitable locations for attic vents, both inflow and exhaust. Ideally you want a non-mechanical vent, so that the air flow is continuous and not dependent on a working fan, yet you may have to settle for what your house can accommodate. Good luck!

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