What's the best way to repair a small hole in vinyl siding?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ October 4, 2012 ~ No Comments

A hole was punched in my vinyl siding from a cut off ground wire. I have light grey siding, and the corner section was hit by a piece of copper ground flying off from my lawnmower, what is a good product to patch the hole with that will last?

Brett Kulina

Although there are several brands of silicone caulking that might do an adequate job of concealing the small hole in your home's vinyl siding, in my opinion there are no siding repair results that will look as good as a new replacement siding panel would. If the brand of vinyl siding on your home is still available, then why not simply replace the damaged panel with a new one? Likewise, if you are dealing with a damaged trim piece, then you may be able to locate a similar replacement from any one of the popular vinyl siding brands.

Unfortunately, if your home's siding is difficult to match because it is aged and faded, or if your style of vinyl siding panel is no longer available, then replacing the damaged panel may not be a realistic option for you. If this is the case, then perhaps you should buy a premium-grade, exterior silicone caulking with which to repair the crack in your home's siding. Although caulking often does a poor job of filling large holes and wide cracks, it is a good product for filling small cracks and color-matching existing finishes. Luckily for you, there are probably several shades of gray caulking available right off the shelf at your local hardware store. If you can't find a standard color that matches your home's siding, then you might have to purchase a custom color matched caulking.

If you do choose to repair your home's siding instead of replacing the damaged panel, then be sure that your patch job is water tight. Keep in mind that even some of the best brands of caulking will shrink a little over time, so be sure to inspect the repaired siding every now and then. If you find a new gap has opened up, then just reapply some more caulking.

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