Best Vinyl Siding for Extreme Weather

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 5, 2010 ~ Comments

I live in Grand Junction, Colorado so my house faces extreme weather all year. I need to replace the siding soon but I'm not sure about my options. Is there a specific kind of vinyl siding that can handle both very cold weather and very hot weather without problems?

Andy ~ Junction, Colorado

Jeffrey Anderson

I would recommend that you go with a heavy-gauge vinyl, if possible. Thin-gauge vinyl siding is more prone to cracking when the temperature is very low, especially if it receives any kind of impact. I would go with at least a .44 mil or .46 mil vinyl-or you may be able to find it up to .55 mil now.

Consider selecting insulated vinyl siding. Some manufacturers attach the insulation directly to the back of the vinyl, which can add to the stability of the siding after it is installed. The insulation helps keep cool air from entering during the winter, and leaving during the summer.

Living in an area that can have extreme temperature changes, I would take special care to make sure your vinyl siding is nailed correctly. It needs room to expand and contract as the weather changes, so it should not be nailed too tightly.

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