Best Resale Kitchen Countertops for Cheap

Answered by Brendan ~ December 7, 2009 ~ Comments

My husband just got transferred out of state and we are getting our home ready for sale. Our kitchen countertops definitely need to be replaced but we have a very limited budget for improvements. What materials would you suggest to get the most resale value from our countertops for the lowest price?

Kathryn ~ Columbus, Ohio

Brendan Fowler

granite-countertop-optionIn the last few years the U.S. has seen a dramatic increase in the availability of very affordable granite. As a result, Granite counters can often times be one of the cheapest options.

Even with this dramatic price drop for granite, it still commands one of the highest perceived luxuries and resale values in a kitchen. There are also composite countertops that are very nice and can fall into the lower price category. If you do go with a man made product, make sure the product has a good track record and comes from a reputable manufacturer.

I would stay away from small tiles on the counter top, because most people do not want to keep grout joints clean.

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