Best Paint for Waterfront Boca Raton House

Answered by Brett ~ December 16, 2010 ~ Comments

Our 3-year old Boca Raton, Florida, house is very near the water. What's the very best type of paint to use on the stucco exterior, and will we save money by having less frequent repainting needs if we use the best type of paint?

Ingrib M. ~ Boca Raton, Florida

Brett Kulina

Ingrib, I recommend using Benjamin Moore's Aura Exterior Paint for your Boca Raton home. This is a premium quality paint, which the company claims can be successfully applied to stucco, cinder block, and even vinyl siding. I have always liked the durability of Benjamin Moore's paint products, and their Aura series of paints are specifically designed to withstand fading, chalking, and mildewing, plus it is a self priming product that can you roll, brush, or spray on to your home. Another benefit of this paint is that it cleans up easily with soap and water.

Although the company claims that most surfaces can be adequately protected by just a single coat of paint, I suggest that you apply 2 coats of the product to your home. Applying a second coat of paint to your house will give you the opportunity to cover any spots that you missed the first time around, plus the second coat will help reduce the need for frequent repainting. This paint sells for about $50 a gallon, which is more expensive than some other brands, but I think its quality is well worth the investment.

I am not sure what sheen of paint you have on your home currently, but I think stucco siding tends to look best with a flat or low-lustre finish. I would also make sure to paint a test patch on your home before committing to a final color, as some colors may look very different on a stucco wall than they do on a paper color swatch. Good luck with your exterior painting project, and thanks for checking in with us at reliableremodeler.com!

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