How Do I Choose the Best Home Insulation?

Answered by Brendan ~ September 19, 2011 ~ No Comments

I am thinking of updating the wall insulation of my home. I started receiving quotes on the project. My question is if I take the price out of the equation, which insulation choice will be the best investment for my home?

Morgan D. ~ Blencoe, IA

Brendan Fowler

The best insulation is the insulation that provides you with the most R-Value, the least amount of thermal bridging, and makes your home more airtight. There are lots of options when it comes to insulating a home. Since you said updating the insulation you have, I am assuming that you are currently insulated, at least a little bit. I think full rigid insulation wrap of the exterior is a great way to go. It is expensive, because you have to re-side your whole house and re-trim all the exterior windows and doors. However, it eliminates most thermal bridging and makes your home more airtight. If the insulating contractors you have already met with think that blown in wall insulation is an option, do that as well. You said if cost was not an option... Good Luck!

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