Bathtub or Shower in a Master Bathroom

Answered by Brendan ~ December 1, 2010 ~ No Comments

We're planning a bathroom remodeling for our home in a retirement community in Mesa, Arizona. We'll probably live here five more years. There's a tub in the guest bathroom. Will having a whirlpool bathtub versus a walk-in shower in the master bathroom affect resale value or desirability?

Olivia P. ~ Mesa, Arizona

Brendan Fowler

Since this is a home in a retirement community, I would suggest not installing a whirlpool tub in the master bathroom. Whirlpool tubs are very deep and hard to get in and out of. For some older people getting in and out of a tub for showering is very difficult. An easily accessible large walk in shower would be my recommendation. If it can be installed without a curb then it can be accessed with a walker or a wheelchair if necessary.

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