Questions About Bathroom Remodeling

Where do I start with renovations?

Our two-story Cape was built in 1944 with no heat upstairs and lousy insulation everywhere. The electrical service also needs to be updated, the bathrooms need serious renovations, and we have propane for heat and cooking. Finally, the house sits over a crawl space and the floors are cold. What fixes that? My question is - where do I start?


Why is my grout turning white?

The grout in my bathroom is not cracking, but turning white. It looks like chalk and is flaking up. What would cause this? Anyone know what this is?

- Kim

How much would it cost to install a walk-in tub?

I want to know about how much it would cost to put bars near a toilet and install a sit down shower for a fall risk elderly woman. My mom recently had a terrible fall and for safety and ability reasons needs these installed.

- Julie

How do you repair water damage to a bathroom wall?

We have an old style claw foot tub that has a shower attachment and a curtain that goes all the way around it. Over the years water has sprayed outside of the curtain and damaged the adjacent wall (mold, peeling paint). I would like to redo the wall, what should I do? thank you.

Bob C.

Can a ceiling fan be installed in a bathroom?

Our bathroom is a large, open plan (no door to close) bathroom. Moisture has never been an issue even though there is no vent fan. We live in south Florida (hot climate) and I'd like a ceiling fan (maybe an outdoor fan?) in the bathroom! Is this okay?

Sherrie - Jupiter, FL

Why does my bathroom caulk continue to crack?

We just bought a house and completely gutted it. In our master bathroom shower we have a half wall with a glass enclosure. That wall is tiled and the caulk/ grout keeps cracking, leaving an opening between where it was and the tile. How can we stop this from happening?

Hope - Marlton, NJ

How do I install a fiberglass shower enclosure?

I already have the shower walls up, but am not sure if they're even right. Don't you have to leave room for Sheetrock? I need help bad!

David G. - Shalimar, FL

Would you recommend a tub surround?

I am replacing an old tub. What kind of new tub should I get? Do caulkless surrounds work? Do I need to put down a bed of mortar?

Steven K. - Gloucester, VA

How much does it cost to add a sink in a bathroom?

What might it cost to add a double sink vanity to a bathroom? Currently there is a small vanity with a single sink in the bathroom?

How can I improve the hot water supply in my house?

It takes several minutes for the hot water in my house to reach the kitchen faucet (which is the furthest away from the hot water heater). How can I improve this situation? Should I add a second tank or a circulation loop? Thanks in advance.

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