Questions About Basement Remodeling

Can I safely move a support post?

I bought a house with an unfinished basement and there's a support post right in the middle of the I-beam. To properly frame out the room, is it possible to move it three feet off center and not have it cause any issues structurally? It's a two-story home.


How can I remove a column from my basement?

I have a structural beam in my basement that has a 15 foot span with a lally column at seven feet. The beam is three 2x8s pocketed into the foundation on both sides. There are no walls or beams above this beam. How can I remove it?


Does a horizontal beam need support at both ends?

I decided to rip out the previous owner's DIY finished basement and discovered two 2x12s, sistered, that support the floor joists, but someone removed the double 2x4s that were supporting one end of this beam. It's free floating for about 24". A 4" PVC waste line was then run right where the double 2x4s were. Can I put a steel support column right up against the waste pipe to support the beam or do I need to put the support column flush against the wall again and reroute the waste line?

How do I start planning a basement renovation?

I recently bought a small 1,100 sq. ft. home that is on a severe slope. The house is single-story and stucco with a concrete foundation. Half of the basement has a standard 2 x 2.5 ft. crawl space. The other half of the basement is about 6.5 ft. high. I would like to turn this half of the basement into two rooms with a bath. What do I need to consider to do this?


Can the height of a basement be increased?

Is there any way more height can be put into an existing building's basement? The height of the unfinished ceiling is six feet. The whole basement is unfinished and it has no subfloor.


Who should I hire to finish my basement?

How much would it cost to hire someone to turn a totally unfinished basement into a finished large room -- can one contractor do the walls, floors, ceiling?


Can asbestos floor tiles be covered?

Uncovered what we think might be asbestos tile in the basement of our 1945 house. Wondering how dangerous the dust around the tiles and carpet tack stripping is and how to safely cover this floor tile. Should the tack stripping be left undisturbed for fear of asbestos dust? Have looked at a DriCore subfloor and then a waterproof vinyl flooring.

What can I do about my remodeling contractor?

I'm getting my basement refinished. We agreed on a price. It was supposed to be about a six week job. He's still here after three and a half months. He came to us and said he underbid the job and wants more money. We didn't have enough detail in the bid so now he's putting in cheap tiny molding and no quarter round molding around my wood laminate floors. I want to fire him and deduct from his balance with what it will cost me to have someone else finish it. My friend, who's an attorney, says because we didn't have signed contract it was illegal for him to do the renovation and I have all the power. I just don't know if I believe that and I'm afraid this is all going to cost me way more money than I budgeted for. What should I do?

How can I frame my basement door?

I'm currently finishing my basement and not sure how to frame around the existing exterior door since it's already installed into the concrete.

-- Erik A.

Does our finished basement require waterproof materials?

We're considering a basement remodel and got a quote to do floor to ceiling in all waterproof materials. We've only had water in our basement once in 10 years and humidity was at 52 when tested today. We're pretty sure we will invest in their high-powered dehumidifier, but we're not sold on the expensive materials. What would you do?

Mandy - Shenandoah, IA

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