Basement Stairs Need More Tread

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Stringers are 2x8. Treads are also 2x8. dont know rise and run at this point. The stairs are 50+ years old and they are very stable at this point. The problem is I want more tread for foot placement. Can I do this without replacing the 2x8 stringers?

Henry ~ Marina del Rey, California

Brendan Fowler

You could try to increase the tread depth, but there is a limit to how far you can overhang the nose of the stair. Check with your local building department, but I would not go more than an inch on your tread overhanging the riser, otherwise it will become a trip hazard. A 2-by-8 stringer is very small for a stringer. I would never use anything smaller than a 2-by-12. To answer your question, I think you are going to have to replace the stringer to get a comfortable tread depth. Often when you encounter a really tight staircase, it is because there simply is not enough room for a comfortable staircase. Either there is a headroom issue or not enough run to fit the stairs in the space properly. Good Luck!

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