For My Basement Renovation, How Do I Solve Existing Water Seepage?

Answered by Brendan ~ January 22, 2010 ~ Comments

I want to completely finish the basement of my home. Rain or snowmelt in this Buffalo, NY, climate has occasionally seeped in through the windows in the basement and created a very small puddle. What's involved in fixing this before I begin the basement renovation?

Frank H. ~ Buffalo, New York

Brendan Fowler

The first thing that you will need to do is figure out what is leaking. Is it the window that is leaking, or is it leaking around the window, is it leaking through the wall, or is it leaking from an area totally unrelated to the window and the leak just presents itself there?

Determining what is leaking can be very difficult. The fact that it is a small puddle does not mean it is a small problem. Small puddles can often be the indicator of a much larger problem. When it comes to water in a basement, you do not want to take any chances; water can quickly ruin lots of great work.

Hiring a contractor who has experience with water mitigation issues for basements is usually a good idea. You do not want to take any chances or make any assumptions here, I wish I could tell you what is involved in fixing your particular problem, but I would not be providing you with sound advice based on the limited information I have. Hopefully, this will get you rolling in the right direction.

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