Basement Addition on a Sloping Lot

Answered by Brendan ~ November 4, 2010 ~ No Comments

Our Salem, Oregon, home has 7' high visible pilings supporting the gradually sloping downhill side. We'd like to create basement addition storage room 10' x 12', with an internal stairway from the kitchen. The slope has deep soil that would have to be excavated. The alternative is to excavate a level area and outside steps and build a free-standing storage room of the same size. Which would be more cost-effective?

Keith L. ~ Salem, Oregon

Brendan Fowler

Without seeing your exact situation with engineering and drawings it is very difficult to give you anything but general advice. Typically, adding square footage under a home that requires excavation, shoring and working around or moving existing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, is going to be more expensive than a detached structure of the same size. I would recommend consulting with a general contractor and get some input on the scope of work for both the under house and detached storage concepts. Good luck!

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