What is the average price to finish a basement?

Answered by Brendan ~ February 11, 2010 ~ Comments

I have a unfinished basement. It is about 850 square feet. What is the average price to finish an unfinished basement? I live in the Madison Heights, Virginia area.

Daniel S. ~ Madison Heights, Virginia

Brendan Fowler

From my experience there is not an average cost, there is more like an average cost range. There are so many factors that go into finishing out a basement that the cost can very quickly get very, very high. If there are any water intrusion issues that have to be addressed than the cost of the job could easily double depending on the complexity of the problem. Other things that are going to dramatically increase the cost of this project are bathrooms, kitchens. These represent the highest dollar-per-square foot construction cost. To give you a range to work with, start with $100- $175 a square foot.

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