Average Cost for Installation of Tub and Shower

Answered by Brett ~ September 8, 2010 ~ Comments

I am interested in tub and shower liner. Can it be installed easily on my own? Or do I need to find a contractor? If so what is the average cost for installing?

Jeenie ~ Seattle, Washington

Brett Kulina

Jeenie, if you are wanting to forgo a full bathroom remodel, opting instead for a new bathtub and shower liner, I would recommend that you hire a professional contractor to install a custom fit liner. While there are standard sized liners available for DIY'ers, I would be concerned about a less than perfect fit which might trap water between your old tub and the new liner.

A custom made and installed liner for your tub and shower might cost several thousand dollars, but this would most likely cost less than a completely remodeled bathroom. This is because when you tear out an acrylic tub and shower surround, you often have to remove floor and wall tile as well. The new liner can also be installed quicker and with less disruption to your home life.

If you want to weigh the exact costs of purchasing a custom liner against the costs of a new tub and shower, then you should ask a qualified contractor who works in the Seattle area to inspect your bathroom and prepare a detailed work estimate for you. This way you will have some hard costs to compare, and you will have a contractor on site who can help you make the right decision.

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