What is the Average Cost for a Drywall Project?

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How much should an average drywall project cost?

Jose O. ~ Newark, NJ

Brett Kulina

Jose, for a typical drywall installation job, you might pay around $25-$30 per sheet, or $0.75-$0.90 per square foot, for the labor, which should include hanging, taping and finishing the drywall. It is difficult for me to offer you an exact cost for your specific project, because drywall installation prices vary depending on both the size and shape of a given room, as well as the type of texture used to finish the walls. Many drywall contractors charge a base price for an orange peel texture, while increasing their prices for smooth wall or custom hand troweled finishes. Hanging and taping drywall in rooms with soaring cathedral ceilings can require more labor and materials from your contractor, so you should expect to pay a premium if your home has non-standard height walls.

When negotiating a job cost with your drywall contractor, make sure that all the required work is detailed in a written work estimate. While some contractors may give you a price for paint-ready walls, which would include two coats of primer, other installers may not include priming or clean up in their price. The written estimate should also specify the type of finish you have chosen, as well as the trim details for the corners and around the window casings.

You should also let the contractors know that you have already purchased the drywall for your project. Keep in mind, you might have to pay a higher labor cost if the stack of drywall needs to be moved by hand from one location in your home to another. Most drywall installers like to be on site when the drywall boards are delivered; this way they can have the correct number of sheets placed in each room, which can reduce the amount of heavy lifting and hauling throughout the house.

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