Are There Any Truly Fireproof Roofing Materials That Are Affordable?

Answered by Brendan ~ August 19, 2010 ~ No Comments

My 3-tab shingle roof needs replacing and my home is only one block from a mixed evergreen and deciduous forest. Tile, slate, metal and cement shake roofs are fireproof, I'm sure. Are there less costly versions of the roofing materials mentioned?

Sue ~ Baltimore, Maryland

Brendan Fowler

Roofing materials receive a rating for their ability to resist fire. The ratings are, Class A - best fire resistance, Class B, and Class C - lowest fire resistance. There is no roofing that has a truly fireproof rating. This is due to the fact that, although the roofing material may not ignite under extreme temperatures, the wooden framing material beneath will. Tile, slate, metal and cement shake are generally considered Class A roofing materials, as is composite roofing. Composite roofing will hold the same Class A rating, and will cost much less. If a fire is so bad that your Class A roof fails, I would be willing to bet that other parts of your home are already on fire. If wild fire is a very real threat to your home, I would make sure that you have adequate fire insurance to cover your home and belongings. I would also suggest having a fire escape plan that you can execute at moments notice to save yourself and loved ones. Good Luck!

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