Are building permits required for an interior remodel?

Answered by Brett ~ February 21, 2012 ~ Comments

I want to convert my existing home office into a bedroom and add a shower to the existing powder room. Do I need to get a permit?

DJ ~ lawrenceville, GA

Brett Kulina

DJ, the only way to determine for sure if you must obtain a building permit for your project is to contact your local building department. Building codes and regulations differ from area to area, so it is important that you fully describe the extent of your planned remodel to your local building department and follow their specific advice. My guess is that you will need a building permit, because your project entails installing new plumbing fixtures and adding a bedroom. Remember, code compliant bedrooms require correctly sized windows that allow ingress and egress during a house fire or other emergency. Once you determine the permitting needs of your project, then you can create a budget and decide how best to begin your interior remodel. Good luck.

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