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Can I change which room a fireplace opens into?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 18, 2013

Our fireplace sits between a den and a living room, with the open side in the den. We want the fireplace closed on the den side and open in the living room. Is this possible?


Do canned lights really flush up against the plaster?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 15, 2013

Our contractor installed canned lighting. When we changed the bulb, a lot of plaster broke away from the ceiling. We called the contractor and he said it was normal and that the light flushes up against the plaster. Is this true?


Does a lifetime warranty cover products no longer being made?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 13, 2013

I have Rollex vinyl D4 sandstone siding with a lifetime warranty. A landscaper made several tears in it. They no longer make this product but are still in business. Do they still have a supply to cover the warranty?


How much would it cost to remove concrete from drains?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 11, 2013

We were thinking of buying a foreclosed home, but we think the previous owner may have poured concrete in the toilet, tub, and possibly the water main. The home also has a concrete slab. How much could it cost to repair?


How can I get a list of subcontractors?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 7, 2013

Where can I find a list of subcontractors I could hire a new construction custom home?


Written work agreements help avoid contractor disputes

Posted by Brett Kulina ~ November 5, 2013

Our contractor said he could move our electric meter and upgrade our box. However, it failed inspection twice. We got an electrician to finish the job. Can I take the electrician's bill off what I owe the contractor?


What would it cost to install a dishwasher?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ October 23, 2013

We are moving into a new rental and are unsure if we should install a dishwasher in an empty space across from the sink or get a portable one. What would we be getting into work- and cost-wise installing a dishwasher?


How can I estimate plumbing and electrical costs?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ October 21, 2013

I'm considering purchasing an old Queenslander house and having it relocated on some land. I'm just wondering roughly what plumbing and electrical would cost.


How much does it cost to install a window?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ October 17, 2013

We would like to add a window in the kitchen in a wall with no existing window. The house (built in 1982) has wood siding. Assuming that there is no plumbing interfering with that space in the wall, how much can we reasonably expect to pay for this?

- Anna

How to determine if a wall is load bearing

Posted by Brett Kulina ~ October 15, 2013

Are closets ever load-bearing?

I have an exterior closet in a house that was built in 1940 and want to tear it out. I am just concerned that it would be a load bearing structure.


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