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How do I ensure square footage gets recorded with the city?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 20, 2013

I have a sunroom in a house in CT that is approximately 280 square feet. I want to tap into my baseboard and add heat to the room. How do I do this so that the square footage gets recorded with the city? And if I put it in, when will I need to advise the city?


How can I figure out if my drywall will sag?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 18, 2013

If I hang 5/8 drywall on 24"center, will it sag? How can I tell?


How can I level a hump in my floor?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 16, 2013

In my 100+ year old house we have an uneven bump in our floor from one basement jack that is too high. We plan to install laminate flooring upstairs but want to level the floor first. How can we lower the jack safely?


Will rotted joints make my home fall?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 13, 2013

My kitchen floor wasn't level so someone reinforced it for me. They said water is seeping into the side of the home when it rains and the joints are rotted. Will my home fall? And will the reinforcement I had put in help?


How to size a header when framing a door opening

Posted by Brett Kulina ~ December 11, 2013

I'm installing a French door with sidelights in place of a 94 x 75in window. Door dimensions are 96 x 80. What size header do I need?


What will a roofer typically look at when inspecting a leak?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 9, 2013

I have a flat roof with a leak. Additionally, some stucco on the roof that has cracks. One person is telling me the leak is caused by the cracks and another is saying it's caused by a flat scupper. Will a roofer take care of both problems to insure the roof stops leaking?


How can I best replace my metal windows?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 5, 2013

We received a few estimates on replacing our metal windows. One company we spoke with said that we wouldn't be happy in a year if we just used replacement windows and would need to replace the whole window. Can you give us your opinion on replacing metal windows with replacement windows?


How do we keep our sunroom-turned-bedroom insulated?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 25, 2013

We just had our second baby and are converting our sun room to an extra bedroom - it's perfect just as long as the weather is not too hot or too cold. How could we turn this hot and freezing room into a third and cozy bedroom?


Should I be concerned about lowering my deck 1/8 inch?

Posted by Brett Kulina ~ November 22, 2013

My contractor left a 1/8th inch gap between the cross-beams and support posts of the deck. The beams are only attached by bolts. He said he would remove the bolts and let the deck weight drop it down to the support posts. Should I be concerned that will torque pressure on the deck and house?


How do I choose a floor material and color?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ November 20, 2013

I am getting ready to redo my floors. I have cherry chair rails mid-way to the floor and thought of wood flooring. Is that going to be too much wood? How can I make a decision I won't regret?


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