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What's the best paint for an exterior door in direct sunlight?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ March 31, 2014

Our wood front door faces directly into the sun. We recently re-painted it red using latex based paint and primer. We have since come to understand that this paint can bubble due to heat. I am looking for any and all suggestions so this does not happen again when we strip and re-paint the door short of changing the color - my wife is dead-set on red. Thanks!


Can a rotted house be fixed?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ March 26, 2014

Can a two-story house that's rotted inside and out be fixed up? It would need new walls, new floors, new everything. Is it possible to replace everything to the point where it can be lived in again?


How much weight can my cement-block wall hold?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ February 27, 2014

I want to hang a hammock on my lanai/porch, but the walls are cement block covered with stucco. Will cement block hold that much weight (2 people = 300 lbs) safely? Can you recommend the best way to do this if so?


How does the reflective foil on the roof's underside impact its age?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ February 13, 2014

I'm re-insulating my attic and was wondering about the reflective foil barriers put on the underside of the roof. While I know they're good for preventing downward heat, does this pose any problem for the roof in terms of making it hotter and causing it to prematurely age?

- Dan M.

Why is my grout rubbing off?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ February 11, 2014

I installed new floor tile on our kitchen floor on Sunday; today is Wednesday and there are fine pieces of sand coming off. Not sure if I did not have enough water in the mix - I thought I did. Is my only option to scrape out the existing grout then try again?

- Dan

Any information you can give me on a new type of underlayment?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ February 6, 2014

I've heard that there is a new type of underlayment that replaces the old black tar paper. From what I understand, it's some sort of a membrane and you heat the overlaps. Is that correct?


Is it normal for my exhaust fan to be connected to the dryer?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ February 4, 2014

I went to replace the ceiling exhaust fan in our laundry room and noticed the dead fan and the area around it was warm and moist. When I took the fan out I felt the dryer exhaust coming through. The dryer was running. Is that normal for a ceiling exhaust fan to be connected in any way with the dryer?

- Jason

Where should I use woven wire mesh?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ January 31, 2014

Should I use woven wire mesh on the inside or outside of a split rail fence?

Can I level my foundation without lowering my house?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 27, 2013

The house I am looking to buy is half raised foundation and then has slab in the back addictions. I want to level the house and even the floors. The raised portion of the home also has the same level ceilings as the slab, so there are lower ceilings there.


How can we keep our chimney insulated?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ December 23, 2013

In our home - constructed in 1920 - the builders attached the plaster directly to a wood burning chimney that also has the furnace vented through it. (We have never used the chimney due to the flue being stuck in the closed position.) We are thinking the chimney's brick is causing a moisture and mold problem on that wall. How would we be able insulate that area and hang the drywall to keep the moisture from returning and causing this issue all over again?


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